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ProGlobal Sales Machine was founded back in November of 2013 by Malcolm Reid while working as a General Manager in the Automotive Industry.

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ProGlobal Business Advisors, Malcolm Reid came from a strong executive and sales background.With years of executive leadership experience, Malcolm possesses a unique blend of leadership, vision, experience, and the ability to deliver superior results. As General Manager for the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Mr. Reid significantly expanded its client base, marketing, sales, and reduced operating expenditures significantly.

Over the years, Malcolm became more involved with the technological and marketing aspects of running a business and realized that there was a deep need in the fast-paced world of online business. That was when he made the decision to create his own business marketing automation and contact management software. Once completed in 2013, Malcolm then began marketing it to other businesses in need of a multi-touch marketing system. The results were extraordinary!

Starting in 2015, Malcolm left the automotive industry and the company has now moved into managed marketing services, providing an exclusive VIP Marketing Program leveraging the ProGlobal Sales Machine software suite.Currently, ProGlobal Sales Machine runs an office out of Columbia, MD. We are a global organization employing various roles including software Engineers, Marketing Leads, Account Executives and Customer Success Managers and Executive Management Team. This entire dedicated team of professionals now serve over 4,000 software users, marketing agency partners and business owners on a worldwide basis. ProGlobal Sales Machine is a rapidly expanding company that boasts an exceptional track record of success. Mr. Reid lives in Maryland and is married to Sherria Reid. His interests include being an awesome dad, sports, golf, white water rafting, kayaking, skydiving and singing.He runs a 5k event annually in support of the Traumatic Brain Injury Association where his wife is a member of the board.

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